The New Way to Order Cabinets for Your Kitchen 

Ask any contractor, designer or home improvement expert, and they will tell you that the most expensive part of renovating a kitchen is buying new cabinets. Prices range depending on the level of quality you go for, but chances are you won’t get away with spending any less than $5,000 — and that will be for cheap cabinets made from particleboard and melamine. So why are kitchen cabinets so expensive?

Part of the problem is the process. Before your cabinets arrive at the specialty shop or department store that you purchase them from, they have to make several stops, and each stop means more money tagged on to the final price tag. Traditionally, the process goes something like this… 

Your cabinets are made at a factory, and let’s say for simplicity’s sake, it costs $1000 to pay for materials and labour. Then, they are shipped out to a wholesaler who tags another $1000 on to that price tag to cover operational costs as well as turn a profit. The wholesaler sells those cabinets for $2000 to a specialty or home improvement store, and they put those cabinets on sale for $3000-$4000 to cover their own costs as well as make a profit. You go to that store to shop, order your cabinets, have them shipped to your house and installed for a grand total of $5000 after taxes, delivery and labour.   

Each stop along the way impacts the final cost of your cabinets drastically. Everybody who is a part of the process is trying to make a profit, and you end up literally paying the price. What if you could cut out all that fat?  

With Cowry Cabinet’s new app, you can. It used to be you had to pay for all the stops your cabinets made along the way, but with Cowry, there’s just one stop, and that’s your home! When you order your kitchen cabinets using the Cowry app, the only thing you are paying for is… your cabinets. You order them, we make them, we ship them, and you pay on average 30% less than you would if you purchased cabinets in a shop instead.  

By simplifying the traditional cabinet ordering process, we are able to offer high end cabinets for low end prices. Not only are our cabinets less expensive, they are also better quality, made from 100% real wood with coveted features like dovetail corners and soft-close drawers. So, the question becomes, why pay more for your kitchen cabinets when you could pay less and still get more?  

The Cowry App is free to download and easy to use. Try it today!